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Airport Code Airport Name Location Field elevation (ft) Airport Type Magnetic Variation Usable Runways
BR-0002 Alegrete Brazil N/A Closed 0 Details
BR-0003 Fazenda Cana Brava Brazil N/A Closed 0 Details
BR-0004 Fazenda Sao Judas Tadeu Brazil N/A Closed 0 Details
BR-0005 Iguatemi Brazil N/A Closed 0 Details
BR-0007 Irati Brazil N/A Closed 0 Details
BR-0008 Planura Brazil N/A Closed 0 Details
ID-0286 Namniwel Airport Indonesia 7 ft Small airport -0.417 0 Details
ID-0290 Singkawang Airport (under construction) Indonesia 55 ft Small airport -0.088 0 Details
ZA-0105 Aviators Paradise Field South Africa 3,800 ft Small airport 12.914 2 Details
ZA-0111 Kudu Private Nature Reserve South Africa 4,580 ft Small airport 12.374 0 Details
ZA-0112 Fly Inn Estate South Africa 5,300 ft Small airport 12.467 2 Details
ZA-0153 Elandspad Airfield South Africa 293 ft Small airport 25.404 0 Details
ZA-0219 Aeropark Zyn Kraal South Africa 4,900 ft Small airport 12.584 2 Details
ZA-0220 Zilkaats Airstrip South Africa 3,980 ft Small airport 12.816 0 Details
ZA-0221 Belladona Airfield South Africa 4,428 ft Small airport 13.055 0 Details
ZA-0227 Satara (Singita Lebombo) Airport South Africa 928 ft Small airport 15.426 0 Details
ZA-0228 De Hoop Nature Reserve Airstrip South Africa 72 ft Small airport 26.822 0 Details
ZA-0229 Glendower Farm South Africa 4,300 ft Small airport 15.256 0 Details
ZA-0230 Madikwe West Airport South Africa 3,646 ft Small airport 12.449 0 Details
ZA-0231 Shamwari Private Game Reserve Airfield South Africa 695 ft Small airport 24.254 2 Details
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