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This database contains every airport on earth (79,503 airports!), as well as information about their runways. You can use this information to calculate takeoff and landing distances or view all airports.

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Airport Code Airport Name Location Field elevation (ft) Airport Type Magnetic Variation Usable Runways
00A Total RF Heliport Bensalem, United States 11 ft Heliport 11.991 1 Details
00AA Aero B Ranch Airport Leoti, United States 3,435 ft Small airport -3.4 0 Details
00AK Lowell Field Anchor Point, United States 450 ft Small airport -13.231 2 Details
00AL Epps Airpark Harvest, United States 820 ft Small airport 3.531 2 Details
00AN Katmai Lodge Airport King Salmon, United States 80 ft Small airport -11.969 2 Details
00AR Newport Hospital & Clinic Heliport Newport, United States 237 ft Closed 1.031 0 Details
00AS Fulton Airport Alex, United States 1,100 ft Small airport -2.462 2 Details
00AZ Cordes Airport Cordes, United States 3,810 ft Small airport -6.613 2 Details
00CA Goldstone (GTS) Airport Barstow, United States 3,038 ft Small airport -8.065 2 Details
00CL Williams Ag Airport Biggs, United States 87 ft Small airport -13.046 0 Details
00CN Kitchen Creek Helibase Heliport Pine Valley, United States 3,350 ft Heliport -7.721 0 Details
00CO Cass Field Briggsdale, United States 4,830 ft Closed -4.265 2 Details
00FA Grass Patch Airport Bushnell, United States 53 ft Small airport 6.265 2 Details
00FD Ringhaver Heliport Riverview, United States 25 ft Closed 6.244 1 Details
00FL River Oak Airport Okeechobee, United States 35 ft Small airport 6.875 2 Details
00GA Lt World Airport Lithonia, United States 700 ft Small airport 5.051 2 Details
00GE Caffrey Heliport Hiram, United States 957 ft Heliport 4.487 1 Details
00HI Kaupulehu Heliport Kailua-Kona, United States 43 ft Heliport -9.479 1 Details
00ID Delta Shores Airport Clark Fork, United States 2,064 ft Small airport -9.566 4 Details
00IG Goltl Airport McDonald, United States 3,359 ft Small airport -3.381 0 Details
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